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31st Annual Flying Scot Fleet 161 Regatta & New York Lakes Districts

August 11 – 13, 2017

Saratoga Lake Sailing Club, Ballston Spa, NY

  1. Rules:  Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing), and the rules of the Flying Scot Sailing Association (FSSA), except as any of these are altered by these sailing instructions, and these sailing instructions.  The regatta is designated Category A, in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20.

  2. Eligibility:  Competitors may register with, and have all fees paid to, the organizing authority before racing.  Competitors shall elect to sail in either the Championship division or the Challenger division; the regatta chairmen may reassign competitors. Eligibility for the New York Lakes District Championship is limited to paid members of the FSSA who are members of the District.  Eligibility decisions of the District Governor shall be final.

  3. Notices to Competitors will be posted on the Race Committee Bulletin Board, whose location will be noted at the skippers' meeting.

  4. Signals made ashore will be displayed from a docked race committee boat.

Code flag "AP" Answering Pendant with two audible signals (one when lowered) means "The race is postponed".  The thirty minute harbor signal for the next race will be the same signal for the lowering of the AP.

  1. Courses:  The course may be any of the following.  The course will be displayed on a race committee starting boat on or before the warning signal.  The first two digits of the compass course to mark 1 (windward mark) will be displayed along with the course (28=280 Deg., 04=40 Deg.).  Triangular courses will be equilateral.  All courses will be port rounding, except for B, which has starboard rounding on left half of course.








Shortened courses:  The race committee may shorten a race in progress in accordance with RRS 32.  When shortening the course, the race committee will display code flag "S" and make two audible signals before the lead boat reaches the last mark.  The finish line will be between that rounding mark and a yellow or orange shape on a race committee boat.

Change of courses after the start:  The race committee may change the course of a race in progress.  When changing the course, the race committee will display code flag "C" from a race committee boat near the mark beginning the leg being changed and make periodic audible signals.  The change will be signaled before the lead boat has begun the leg.   When changing the course after the start, the race committee will move the mark affected by the change as soon as possible.  Any mark to be rounded after the "moved" mark may be relocated to maintain the original course configuration.

  1. Marks of the course will be described at the skippers' meeting.

  2. Starting:  Races will be started in accordance with RRS 26.  Championship and Challenger divisions may have separate starts.  Each Division may sail a different course.  The Championship division will be indicated by flag "I" (Roman 1) and Challenger division will be indicated by flag "II" (Roman 2).  A combined start will be indicated by flag “FS” (white with blue letters).       

The starting line will be between a yellow or orange shape on a race committee boat and the starting mark.  The starting mark may be located to leeward of the leeward course mark.  A race official may be stationed at the starting mark, and may hail premature starters.

Competitors shall check in with the Race Committee before their first race of each day by sailing on starboard tack past the stern of the Race Committee boat, hailing their sail number, and being acknowledged.

Competitors shall notify the Race Committee if they leave the sailing area prior to the completion of races.  If the Race Committee cannot be notified prior to leaving the sailing area, it should be notified as soon as possible after returning to shore.

Round the ends rule:  The race committee may invoke RRS 30.1 at its discretion.

  1. Recalls:  Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with RRS 29.1.  The race committee will endeavor to notify any premature starters by hailing of their sail number or other clearly distinguishing feature.

General recalls will be signaled in accordance with RRS 29.2.

  1. Abandonment:  The race committee may abandon a race in progress in accordance with RRS 32.  Abandonment will be signaled by display of code flag "N" and three audible signals.  Code flag "N over H" means the current race is abandoned and further instructions will be made ashore.

The Race Committee may, at its discretion abandon a race in progress because of dangerous weather conditions.  The race may be abandoned even if some competitors have finished the race.  Competitors shall not request redress under RRS 60.1b from a protest committee for this action.  This instruction alters RRS 32.

  1. The finish line will be between a yellow or orange shape on a race committee boat and the finishing mark.  The finishing mark may be located to windward of the windward course mark for courses W2  and O.  The finishing mark may be located to leeward of the leeward course mark for course G.  Yachts may sail through the finish line of courses I2 and F only to finish.

  2. Time Limit:  The time limit for the first yacht to finish will be two hours.  Yachts failing to finish within 30 minutes after the first yacht finishes may be assigned a finishing position by the race committee.  This instruction alters RRS 35.  No race will be started after 1630 on Saturday, or after 1300 on Sunday.

  3. Action by the Race or Protest Committee:  A competitor may be disqualified during competition for infringement of RRS 42 or RRS 1.2.  Action by the Race or Protest Committee without a hearing will be allowed as prescribed in RRS 63.1.

  4. Protests:  All protests must comply with RRS 61.  Protests shall be lodged with a member of the race committee within one hour of the time the race committee boat docks.  When the race committee boat docks, there may be one audible signal, and display of code flag "B", indicating the start of protest filing time.

  5. Scoring:  The low point scoring system, Appendix A of the RRS will apply, with five races or more scheduled, of which one shall be completed to constitute a series, except that each yacht's total score will be the sum of her score for all races.   Each Division and the Districts shall be scored separately.  Ties in total points will be resolved in favor of the yacht with the most number of firsts, and when the tie remains, the most second places, and so on.  When the tie still remains, it shall be resolved in favor of the yacht with the better finish in the last race.  District competitors may sail in either Division.  When there are separate starts for the two Divisions, all Championship Division competitors shall be considered to have finished ahead of the Challenger Division.   

  6. Safety equipment:  Each yacht must carry the safety equipment prescribed in the FSSA rules.  Failure to carry the required gear may result in disqualification.  Race officials may ask to inspect safety gear on the water.

  7. Divisions:  Competitors in the Challenger Division and/or Districts shall indicate their status by display of colored pennants provided at registration from the leach of their mainsail approximately one foot above the foot of the sail.

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